Patriot Prime Beef

Patriot Prime Beef has been years in the making.  The journey began with a search for the perfect ranch.  The Schoenvogel family spent countless days traveling the central Texas countryside searching for just the right combination of soil, trees, water, infrastructure and setting to raise their Akaushi (Japanese Red) Wagyu cattle.

The Schoenvogel's knew from the beginning that their herd was going to be stocked from the finest beef cattle in the world, the Akaushi (Japanese Red) breed of Wagyu cattle.

Having found the right ranch, they immediately set about preparing the soil and fields to grow a special grass that would ultimately feed their new herd.  The goal was to create the perfect grazing conditions with a focus on the health, safety and well-being of their prized cattle. 

Ultimately the ranch was ready, the first herd arrived and the reputation of Patriot Prime Beef soon began to spread.  Chefs and food lovers are embracing the Patriot Ranch dream and recognize the incomparable taste of the beef produced from this special ranch.